Every third employee of Adar is a programmer. We invest in IT systems, in particular in artificial intelligence, decision algorithms, analysis and forecasting. This gives us an advantage that puts Adar in the position of the most innovative road transport company in Europe.


Our technology


Imagine that one click is six months of work for your forwarder. Sounds incredible? Algorithms working for you on our servers every second make thousands of calculations and analyze thousands of possibilities to choose the best possible solution that you are looking for.

  • Gain access to better freight ahead of others
  • Reduce your costs
  • Increase your efficiency
  • Streamline your processes
  • Automate basic activities
  • Control the course of transport from start to finish

For the carrier


Do you value stable cooperation and timely payments? We invite you to work as part of the contract fleet of one of the largest Polish forwarders. You will come under the care of transport market specialists who will never leave you without help and will take care of your business comprehensively.

  • timely payments with a choice of dates
  • routes plotted with maps for trucks – HOGS
  • fuel cards (fuel settled in net prices, excise duty refund)
  • toll devices without a deposit
  • proprietary ARS fleet management platform
  • insurance support

Individual Freight Forwarder


If you prefer to work with one forwarder assigned to your trucks, this is the work model for you. The fleet manager will supervise the cooperation, while the responsibility for work for the cars will be taken over by a forwarder dedicated to your company. What can you gain?


  • An individual forwarder and fleet guardian
  • No behicle downtime
  • Maximum use of driving time
  • Routes tailored to your needs
  • Flexible work systems
  • Driving without a contract
  • Year-round and partnership cooperation

Group of freight forwarders


This is our classic model of cooperation, in which your vehicle is taken care of by several forwarders depending on the country in which it is located. What can you gain from such cooperation?



  •  Independence from one freight forwarder
  • Round-the-clock vehicle coordination
  • Communication even in the toughest moments
  • Permanent cooperation based on an agreement


Behind every project and every tool, there are people. In Adar, we form a team consisting of experts in various fields. We know that knowledge and technology create winning combinations.

Łukasz Wojtkowiak

The best thing about Adar is that you don't stand or wait with the loading. Unloading up to 2 hours, BAM! and you go again. Cool thing. Adar differs from other forwarders in that there is good communication with them.

Kamil Moroz

Payment deadlines on the freight exchange can make you dizzy. Where do you get your liquidity from when you just started? Adar is the solution, giving you instant payments.

Maciej Marcjaniuk

When I hadn't been forwarded yet, it was hard to find well-paid loads. The stock exchange only pays for full kilometers.
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For the shipper


Gain full control and supervision of your cargo from the very beginning until the goods are delivered. With GPS tracking and driver reports, you can be sure everything is going according to plan, every step of the way.

  • Cargo status reports
  • Save time
  • Transport safety
  • Service at the highest level

Recommended by

Behind every project and every tool, there are people. In Adar, we form a team consisting of experts in various fields. We know that knowledge and technology create winning combinations.

“Our relationship was built on trust and good and partnership-based cooperation. The trucks always arrive on time and are in excellent technical condition. The drivers behave professionally and we have never had any problems with them. Documents and invoices are always delivered on time and properly issued. I can recommend the cooperation with Adar forwarding company with a clear conscience.”

“The trucks are on time, fully equipped and the agreed unloading dates are met. There have never been any complaints from our customers. We always received binding information in case of any questions on our part. The contact persons from Adar are competent, kind and helpful. We can recommend the Adar company with a clear conscience and we will continue to work with it ourselves.”

All our transports have been solidly made, thanks to which we are satisfied. The following elements can be distinguished in particular:


  • statuses regarding loading, unloading, instructions and possible complications,
  • constant contact (by phone and e-mail),
  • quick suggestions for solving problems,
  • competent staff in the office and in trucks,
  • all deadlines are reliably met.

“I confirm our cooperation with Adar (since 2012). Our relationships are based on trust. The trucks are always on time and in top condition. The drivers behave professionally. Documents and invoices are always delivered on time and correctly issued. I can recommend cooperation with Adar.”

“Consultations with the employees of our company have brought positive opinions on the transports performed by Adar. We would especially like to emphasize the timeliness of deliveries and the trouble-free execution of orders. In addition, our employees praise the constant status reports on the current transport progress to be carried out. We would like to thank you for your professional cooperation and we are glad that we can continue to work together.”