Telematic systems – smart implementation

Telematics is not  a thing of the future  anymore — it’s the present. It is not a matter of asking whether it should be introduced, but rather how to do it in order to maximise the profit. Properly organised introduction process will later bring great benefits in the company management aspect.

Telematic systems and applications are collecting, processing and transmitting information for a variety of decision-making purposes. Their task is to improve the work of all departments within a company and thus their creation process takes specific processes taking place in the company into account. Such system composed of various different modules allows for effective planning, execution, monitoring and calculating all aspects of the transport service. However, like at each beneficial change, thorough preparations have to be made.


Before you start implementing telematic systems, you have to conduct thorough and detailed analysis of your company. Before you contact a company and will eventually bring you a tailor-made product, be prepared for answer a multitude of questions from the technology partners.  What do you need and what you expect after implementation? What are you going to measure? As the detailed information you need: the temperature of transported goods, how many times they were open trailer door?  These are just the examples.

Remember however that any telematic system is there to help you with managing the company and to contribute to cost reduction. Therefore, at the same time, you need to make analisys of potential savings and costs of not implementing the system in your firm. This data will  give you an overview of the market value of such a solution. Telematics can also be applied in companies with smaller fleet, yet in such situations it is not profitable to pay for a product design for the biggest clients.


You also have to take into consideration the technical limitations of you company as well as the human factor – the number of people monitoring the data, their experience with the system and  willingness to implement new solutions. The responsibility of explaining the benefits and addressing eventual doubts to the whole staff – forwarders, drivers, administration – lies in the hands of the management. It is not a matter of new control tools but rather improvement in the exchange of information, faster response to difficult  situations and general facilitation of work processes in every aspect. Thanks to on-board computers and direct messages the drivers will have complete information needed for proper order execution. Forwarding agents will have more control and time for their everyday tasks. With the help of analysts both parties  will be able to create effective solutions that will have real impact on their work comfort and real savings.

Preparing the foundation for implementing any telematic systems may look seem complicated, but there is nothing to be scared of. It is a road you should take if you want your business to grow. Thanks to one systems you will integrated data from various markets, maps, orders, financial data as well as information about drivers and vehicles. Once you start using a system designed for your needs, you will never want to go back to the old ways. You will be able to use your savings to further expand your firm.

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