7 valuable advices before the career fair

Absolvent Talent Days fair is coming. It is worth to be well prepared, so that visiting it wouldn’t be a waste of time.

The worst that can happen is returning home after spending whole day on fair and feeling it was a wasted day. Luckily this article can prevent it. If you are going to visit the fair, use this text as a checklist to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Start with a basic thing that many still forget and...

Update your CV

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when contacting your next employer. You can have clothes that are not fashionable, but you can’t have an outdated CV. Spend some time and update it. Think carefully what new activities you can put into it, what trainings you took part in and how can you charm your future employer.

And then just print it, but...

Make more than one copy

This sheet of paper and good impression are all that recruiter is left with after talking to you. But only thanks to your CV the companies will be able to contact you. Be prepared to give your CV - your business card in fact - to anyone who needs it. It’s better to return home with few copies left than to run back home for more copies.

But how should you know how many copies you need?

Think to whom you’ll hand your CV

Before the fair check the list of exhibitors. How many companies do  you want to apply to? Are all companies on the fair interesting for you? Do you want to visit every stand? Will you have enough time? Remember that fair is not only about leaving your CV but also about some talking. Check where the stands of your chosen companies will be placed, so you won’t have to look for them later.

When you have the plan of moving around the fair, go to the next step and...

Get to know the companies you want to apply to

It’s quite rare to choose a future employer just because of its name or logo - usually you know at least what the company you want to work in does. Spend some more time on research and know it better. Check the company’s website - very often you can find information about what values are important to the company and which are looked for in future co-workers. You can highlight them in your CV or even create one just for this company.

You can also find out about last events from the company to have some topics to talk about with a recruiter. And since we’re on this subject...

Think through your conversation with a recruiter

Maybe the “saying anything will work” strategy is good  to meet new people in the club, but even then you have at least the beginning of the conversation on your mind. Before talking to the recruiter you have to be well prepared. Basing on the information from the website think about questions you may be asked and answers you want to give. Also think about your questions to the recruiter.

After asking those questions to the recruiter...

Listen good to the answers

Apart from making good impression use this conversation for gathering information. Don’t pretend to be a spy and don’t try to find out about company’s secrets - it’s OK to just get basic information about the job you apply for. Why the company is hiring? What are the duties on this position? How big is the team you will work with? What can be said about relations in the company? All this can be useful on the next steps of the recruitment process.

By the way - next steps. You want them to come, don’t you?

Be optimistic

Remember - being uptight and stressed didn’t help anyone but harmed many. What you need during contacts with the recruiters are confidence and positive thinking. With them it will be easier for you to make a good impression and the conversation will be smooth for both of you. Career fair is just the first step on your path to the perfect job. It’s not worth to feel burned inside before this path even starts.

Just add a sincere smile to every CV. Good luck!

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